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person wearing silver ring holding brown wooden box
person wearing silver ring holding brown wooden box
Police Suicide Foundation

Be prepared as this site can upset your day. As a group, we will be addressing the issue of police suicide on an ongoing basis. We plan to provide as much training as possible so we can all learn to recognize the symptoms and practice prevention.

West Coast Post Trauma Retreat

The WCPR program is for first responders whose lives have been impacted by their work experience. WCPR is one of only two residential treatment facilities of its kind in the world. The other program is the On-Site Academy in Massachusetts, with which WCPR is affiliated. The WCPR residential program provides an educational experience designed to help current and retired first responders, recognize the signs and symptoms of work-related stress including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in themselves and in others.

Article by Police Chief Chuck Pratt (Retired)

Why do peace officers have such an outlandish rate of marital and domestic failure and calamity?

Examines the high rate of marital and domestic challenges among peace officers.

Article by Hal Brown, LICSW

The Key to a Happy Police Family is a Happy Police Marriage: But what happens when your police husband needs to change?

Explores the significance of a happy police marriage and adapting to change.